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Vision Statement

School Climate

Kornblum School’s community members embrace a commitment to the ongoing pursuit of academic excellence. We encourage and empower one another’s creativity, diversity, and strengths to increase achievement. There is mutual respect, support, and appreciation for students, families, and staff. The school is a safe place, physically, socially, and educationally. All of these qualities are transferred to the everyday lives of everyone in the school community, which creates a positive and lasting impression within the school and outward to our global society.


Students are provided with clear, high academic and behavioral expectations. The school addresses the students’ needs and concerns. Students’ needs are met through a standards-based curriculum and activities that promote self-worth, confidence, motivation, and a positive attitude. Students apply critical thinking skills to both academics and their daily lives. Progress is monitored through quality, on-going assessments which are analyzed and utilized for differentiation of instruction. Kornblum students take responsibility for their actions. They work collaboratively with staff, peers, and families to reach and/or surpass state standards. Our students comprehend at a proficient or advanced level of thinking. They leave our school with a developed love of learning.


Home-School Relations

Families are advocates of their child’s learning. They take ownership of their child’s academic success. Parents enable their child to have consistent and positive educational growth. There is successful, mutually respectful, and supportive collaboration between families, staff, and students through honest, complete, and objective communication. Parents are encouraged to be involved in the school community. They are educated through organizations, events, and classes. Families know what is expected of their child and the school. The families and the school combine efforts to create a positive and outstanding environment for all.


Our staff is professional and has complete respect for students, families, and all staff members. Our positive and nurturing outlook fosters an engaging environment. School staff and various other experts collaboratively plan to improve student achievement through a variety of educational strategies, data analysis, and implementation of the best research-based practices. Teachers, provided with quality time for preparation and collaboration, in and across grade levels, provide students with a well-rounded curriculum. The Kornblum staff pursues on-going efforts for the promotion of lifelong learning for the entire school community.

Community Partnerships

The local neighborhood, outside professionals, and members of the community at large are encouraged to take an active role in exposing our students to the connection between the classroom and outside careers, activities, and responsibilities. Community members commit time to mentor, inform, and tutor Kornblum students.